Kororoit Escarpment

The Anderson Rd RRL Mural

People keep asking me where it is. So here’s a map with the mural as purple stripes. The best thing to do is park in the Sunshine Marketplace carpark and walk across Harvester Rd, and use the footpaths and bridges.



The people who were driving the project were the RMIT Public Art Dept. Clare McCracken was our contact and she was responsible for the final design and logistics. The other artist was Brad Axiak: a photographer and text artist who has a studio at Sunshine Artspaces. We also worked closely with Brimbank Council Arts and Culture department, in particular Dean Michael. 

There were several community consultation sessions involving community groups, local residents and local youth. Much of the final content was dictated by these sessions.

The actual painting of the mural was done by qualified contractors, mostly because the mural was in a construction site. In the end I helped out a fair bit in the painting process. I had to get a white card, Hi-Vis and PPE to get on-site, as well as a stringent medical. Thank you to John Smart of Smart Graffiti and his crew, particularly Nick Stafford for their expertise and persistence.


Because of the large scale of the work, and because it would ultimately have to be executed fairly quickly, it was decided that the work would all be done with stencils. Not having been a stenciller before, I went on a bit of a learning curve! 


The background series of images are; an abstracted basalt form (it looks a bit honey-comb) to represent the local ground, and roofs, houses and power-poles all drawn from the local area. I took my sketchbook for a walk around the ‘hood. 

We took a lot of inspiration from the local flora and fauna - hence all the birds. The indigenous heritage of the area is quite prevalent if you know where to look. We had a consultation with the Wurundjeri Land Council to allow us to use the word “Laang-birrm” meaning “many stones”, Thanks and respect to Aunty Doreen and Colin Hunter for this.

A thing I tried to avoid was having the images look too “digital”. Many murals, to my eyes, are made of processed photos and can look a bit cold. I tried to retain a hand-drawn quality even though the stencils were being produced

on computers. My trick was to take a photo, draw the photo, photograph the drawing and then manipulate it on the computer. Fiddly, but then stencils are pretty darn fiddly in all aspects. Even carrying them around is fiddly!

© 2009 Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson


In early 2014, I was asked to collaborate on a large scale scale mural as part of the Regional Rail Link works in Sunshine. As part of the works two level crossings on Anderson Rd were removed. At one of these the road was put underneath the rail. This meant a large cutting was dug and pedestrian underpasses were built alongside the road. The mural decorates these pedestrian walkways on both sides of the road. The murals are of a substantial size - around 250m of wall.