Kororoit Escarpment

 A multi-skilled musician, Robert studied Linguistics at Latrobe University and composition with Mark Pollard at the VCA. Active since the early 80s, he has been MD/Composer for Circus, Film & Theatre, including in 2004 “My Secret Marlene”, and since 2000 he has had the part of Weasel in the Australian Shakespeare Company’s production of Wind in the Willows.

In 2005 he toured Northern Australia with the ASC production “Much Ado About Nothing”.  In 2006 & 2013 he was Artist-in-Residence at Brimbank City Council and has since been active in Community Building and grounding his art in the essence of the west. 

His main instrument is guitar, and he also plays saxophone, percussion, bass, didgeridoo, sitar, various whistles and flutes, computer and a curious homemade horn called the jacksophone.

His interest over the past few years has been in finding a common thematic thread between visual art and music based on expression of landscape, playing the the guitar and obscure corners of harmonic theory.


Legless Lizards


Robert Jackson - Guitar

Jagdeep Shergill - Tabla

Simon Bereux - Saxophone

Inspired by the landscape of the Western Volcanic Plains. The Legless Lizards play the stories of the land, the ecology and the history of the region. They use drones, expansive soundscapes and unusual and multicultural instrumentation to evoke the complexity behind the apparent simplicity of the outlook.  At times uplifting, at times relaxing, at all times rhythmic and melodic. All original compositions.




Robert Jackson Solo


An ideal act for festivals and functions.

Roving musician.

Robert plays his extensive repertoire of Jazz, Classical, Blues and Folk pieces on his guitar. He has a portable set up which enables him to move amongst the people providing ambiance and interaction.

He has performed this act throughout Australia. Some events include: The Australian Open, Melbourne Grand Prix, AFL Grand Final and many festivals and corporate functions.



He hasn't performed on the saxophone for a few years, but he could be coaxed out of retirement with the right offer!

He has developed a distinctive saxophone style and has been a featured soloist at MIFA, Linden New Musicales, NGV, Conundrum, Elbow Room, MIA and Make-it-Up Club events. He is sponsored by Temby Saxophones.

With Tom Fryer and Ross Hazeldine he formed “Packing Death”, an influential free impro group and was a co-founder of the Melbourne Improvisers’ Association Inc. He composed a 50 saxophone fanfare to open MIFA 1993, and performed in the award winning Chambermade opera production “The Two Executioners”.

He has played in a multitude of Rock and Jazz bands including, King Idiot, Kim Salmon & the Business, Frank, Silver Ray & Butt Funky.  For 20 years he played in The Point which did 1000+ gigs nationally at festivals, functions and major sporting events. 


Playing for the spirits at Beswick NT 2005

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Robert Jackson